Forss Mains Rd End, Thurso KW14 7XY

22 Nov 201721:30

Road has running water both sides, fairly deep in places, and completely covering by bridge, between lythmore road end and forss bridge

Kirkwall KW15 1ST

22 Nov 201715:15

Have to go on other side of busy road to pass.

Stromness KW16 3EX

22 Nov 201714:15

About 2inches started about this morning and the water nearly in the middle of road very dangerous as it’s on the bend

Orkney KW17 2SZ

22 Nov 201711:15

Fast deep water on road, not passable by car at all

Burray, Orkney KW17 2SS

22 Nov 201710:00

Not passable

East Kilbride, Glasgow

22 Nov 201708:30


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