Flood Warning Schemes

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As Scotland's national flood forecasting and warning authority, SEPA work closely with local communities to help improve resilience and reduce the impact of flooding. Our Flood Warning service helps to ensure communities at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea are given timely notice of flooding.

Since 2012, considerable work has been undertaken to improve our flood warning service, establishing new flood warning areas and recalibrating existing ones.

Our Flood Warning Development Framework sets out what schemes will be delivered in the 2017-21 period. Below you can find a list of schemes that have been launched in recent years. To sign up to receive warnings for these or any of our Flood Warning areas, click here.


Launched in 2019:

Findhorn and Lossie Flood Warning Improvements


Launched in 2018:

Kirkconnel Flood Warning Area

Orkney Coastal Flood Warning Scheme

North East of Scotland Coastal Flood Warning Scheme


Launched in 2017:

River Cree Flood Warning Scheme (Newton Stewart)

River Esk Flood Warning Scheme (Langholm)

River Garnock Flood Warning Scheme (Kilbirne, Dalry and Kilwinning)

Loch Lomond and River Leven Flood Warning Scheme


Launched between 2012-2016:

Seven new Flood Warning schemes were designed and implemented, including a large coastal scheme around the Solway Firth


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