Findhorn and Lossie flood warning improvements

River bursting its banks and flooding over tree-lined road. Text overlay reads River Lossie and River Findhorn flood warning improvements.

In recent years, the River Findhorn and River Lossie have both experienced a number of notable flood events with significant impacts. As a result major flood defences were planned and are now built at Forres and Elgin with smaller defences at Dallas. 

The new defences are designed to provide a 1 in 200 year standard of protection to properties - this equates to a less than 0.5% chance of your property being flooded from this source in any one year.

SEPA has now updated the flood warning forecasting model for the River Lossie and River Findhorn to take this into account. This will allow us to contact those that have signed up to Floodline in the unlikely event that the defences are overtopped.  In updating the model we have combined some flood warning areas and developed three new flood warning areas to improve the service to residents and businesses.

Members of the public who live, work or travel through these areas can now sign up to Floodline to receive free, advance notice of flooding.

Sign up to Floodline online or phone 0345 988 1188.

Map of Lossiemouth area to highlight flood warning areas in Elgin and along the coast from Lossiemouth to Findhorn..

Map showing flood warning areas from Lossiemouth coast to Forres and river flooding warning in Forres.