River Cree Flood Warning Scheme

Street lined with houses and trees in Newton Stewart flooded by River Cree. Text on top of the image reads River Cree Flood Warning Scheme. To the left of the text, a woman's hand holds a phone. On the screen is a map of Newton Stewart with areas highlighted in red where a flood warning is available.

Newton Stewart now benefits from a SEPA Flood Warning scheme for the River Cree, providing Flood Warnings for over 600 properties and many more who work in or travel through the area.

If you do live, work or travel through this area regularly, you can register for free Flood Warnings, which will be sent straight to your phone when flooding is forecast.

Sign up to Floodline.

Map of Newton Stewart area with areas near the river highlighted in red to show where the flood warning is available in this area.

A Flood Warning will be issued when flooding is expected for the area highlighted in red. It will  give you time to prepare for flooding and reduce the damage and disruption to your life or business.

If you receive a message you should check out the live flood updates or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 to find out more about the current flooding situation.

You can start being flood prepared now by checking out other pages on the Floodline website. Follow our five easy steps to be prepared and visit our business page for information and advice.