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Graphic of playground submerged by blue wave of water. A slide, see saw, beach ball and two-seater swing are submerged by blue wave of water. blue rain cloud in the right is the cause. giraffe spring seesaw has a speech bubble coming from its mouth, reading welcome to floodline kids. text on bottom of image reads find out all you need to know about being prepared for flooding.

Do you know how to be prepared for flooding? Learn all about making a flood kit and how to stay safe with our games and handy hints.

How does flooding happen?

How does flooding happen?

Dark blue rain clouds graphicPurple house flood guard graphic

Flooding can happen when there is heavy rain which can cause rivers to overflow. Also, when snow melts it turns into water, and this water can flow into rivers which will also lead to flooding.

Coastal areas can be at risk from flooding from the sea, when storms and big waves bring seawater onto the land.

Flooding can also happen when heavy rain falls on hard surfaces like tarmac, and it can’t drain away easily into the ground.  Water can build up and can cause flooding to areas like car parks, motorways or even school playgrounds.  Flooding can also happen when drains are full or blocked, and water can’t flow away.    

Flooding can be dangerous and can affect people and the environment. It could affect your home or your school. Even your travel routes could be cut off with puddles too big for a car or bus to drive through and trains could be cancelled.

Be prepared for flooding

Be prepared for flooding

Flood Plan graphicFlood Kit graphicBefore flooding happens you can do some simple things to make sure you stay safe and are prepared for flooding:

  • Find out if the area where you live or where your school is could be at risk of flooding by looking at flood maps on the SEPA website.

  • Talk to your parents about signing up to Floodline to receive free advance notice when flooding might happen in your area.

  • Put a flood kit together which includes useful items you might need like a first aid kit, bottled water, medicines and important documents.

  • Write a family flood plan which tells everybody what to do if flooding happens.

  • Have arrangements in place with your family about how you will contact them and where you will go to stay safe if you are separated during flooding.



Activity sheets

Flood kit word search

Can you find all the items you need for a flood kit in the word search?

Download and print our flood kit word search.

Flooding crossword

Can you fill in the answers from the flood related clues?

Download and print our flooding crossword.

Colouring in sheets

Bored on a rainy day? Download, print and colour in our flooding picture sheets.

Just click on the images below:

Flood kit word search

Flood kit crossword

Colouring sheet child with umbrella

Colouring sheet flooded road

Colouring sheet rainclouds over house

Colouring sheet flood kit

The flood game

The flood game

Play our new flood game and see if you can make it out of the house to safety.

Download and print the game, remembering to include the icons you need to collect. If you can't print just get in touch by emailing flooding@sepa.org.uk and we'll arrange to have a copy sent to you.


Flood Game board graphic  Flood Game cutouts graphic

What you will need


Flood Game dice graphicOne dice
Flood Game counters graphic  Counters - one per team or individual player


How to Play

Play the game and learn what you should do to prepare for flooding. You can play in teams or as single players.

1. The aim is to go round the house and collect all the items needed for your flood kit and then to get out of the house to safety.

2. Place your counter on the start square in the bedroom. All teams/players throw the dice, highest scorer goes first.

3. Each time you land on an orange square, collect the object to represent that item, such as a bottle of water to represent 'food and drink'. If you land on this square a second time you do not need to collect the item again.

4. Keep going round the house until you have collected all five different items, then follow the path out the door and down to the rescue boat.

5. The first team to reach the end square and shout 'safe and dry', with all five items is the winner.


Download the Flood Game


Teachers and Parents


Working with education bodies like Education Scotland is one of the ways we can raise awareness of flood risk in Scotland and how to prepare for flooding. Our information and resources help practitioners plan and deliver learning experiences aimed at helping learners prepare for and deal with emergencies in line with the Curriculum for Excellence.

Flooding can be considered within four of the eight Curriculum for Excellence areas:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Studies
  • Languages
  • Technologies

Information leaflet

You can download our information leaflet which is aimed at kids or contact flooding@sepa.org.uk and we will send you a supply.

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One of our Flood Advisors can visit your school or help you to develop projects that can educate young people about flood risk in Scotland and how to be prepared.

If you are interested in finding out more contact flooding@sepa.org.uk.

Meet our Mascot, Puddles!

Meet our mascot……Puddles!

Thank you to everyone who entered our ‘name our mascot’ competition.

Puddles the Giraffe, our MascotWe received some fantastic and varied entries and after much deliberation the chosen name was Puddles. As pointed out by some of the entrants, not only do lots of rain puddles create flooding, but also the pattern of a giraffe’s skin looks like little puddles.

Louise Mackie age 6 was the lucky winner. Louise won the adoption of a giraffe at Award Winner photoBlair Drummond Safari park, a cuddly toy giraffe and a Floodline goody bag. We presented her with her prize at Blair Drummond Safari Park beside the giraffe enclosure.

We had a number of entries suggesting this name and Louise was chosen at random as our prize winner. Our runners up who also picked the name Puddles are: Alara Sungu, Zoe Gourley, Fraser and Megan Craig and Mikey Young. All of our runners up will receive a Floodline goody bag and cuddly toy giraffe.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved and entered the competition.