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Thunderstorms can be hard to predict and are often highly disruptive. They often bring heavy isolated showers and intense pulses of rain which can lead to localised flooding in built up areas and on roads. It is important that we notify you when flooding is forecast for them. Flood warnings aren't issued for thunderstorms, only alerts.

We issue flood alerts when thunderstorms are forecast

  • Thunderstorms can cause very intense and localised torrential downpours, with potential dangerous flash flooding impacts.
  • They can happen suddenly, so it is important you are prepared and remain vigilant.
  • It is very hard to predict where exactly impacts may be experienced from thunderstorms.
  • It is your responsibility to take action to protect yourselves and your property against flooding.

How to prepare

For information on how to prepare visit your home.

Stay safe in thunder and lightning – visit the  Met Office website.